Each of our products has undergone clinical testing, and was created by licensed doctors and medical professionals. Learn more about each of our products below.

  • Brain Relief Bottle

    Brain Repair

    Restore your brain’s cognitive functions.


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  • Cleanse

    Cleanse your body and feel lively and focused.


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  • Anxiety Relief

    Anxiety Relief

    Overcome anxiety in addiction recovery.


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  • addiction recovery
  • We Know That Addiction Recovery Is Only the Beginning

    The founders of SOLbriety have each fought their own battles with addiction; battles that nearly took their lives. Because of that, the mission of overcoming addiction and helping people not only overcome it, but thrive beyond it, is a deeply personal mission. Everything we do at SOLbriety is focused on helping individuals live their best lives and put addiction and all of its chronic effects in the rearview mirror.

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  • The Solida Foundation

    While we truly believe that our products are a major part of our mission, they aren’t the only reason that we started SOLbriety. A huge component of our company is our mission to help fund the Solida Foundation, a non-profit that helps people get into addiction treatment who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. A portion of every sale we make at SOLbriety is donated to the Solida Foundation because we believe that addiction recovery should be a path available to anyone who needs it.

    Thrive beyond addiction