How to Use Your Recovery Story to Help Others

How to Use Your Recovery Story to Help Others

Whether you’re on your way to recovery from addiction, or if you have enjoyed years free of addiction to harmful substances, chances are you carry an experience that could inspire countless others to follow the same path you so valiantly pursued. Even newcomers to the road to addiction recovery have insights that they can offer to those still caught in the trap of drug or alcohol addiction.

Here are some ways that someone in the process of addiction recovery, or someone who has been free of addiction for some time, can help those still struggling with addiction.

Being an example

Without a doubt, choosing to free yourself from the trap of drug or alcohol addiction will make you an outstanding example to others undergoing the same struggle. Friends with whom you may have abused drugs or alcohol in the past will take notice of your decision, and if you manage to stay on top of your sobriety and begin to enjoy the benefits of getting clean, they will surely take note of those benefits as well. 

If you’re beginning your journey to addiction recovery and are unsure as to whether you will be able to maintain the diligence required to free yourself from addiction completely, remember: being an example to friends and family could serve as an added, powerful motivation for you on your journey.

Making your experience public

There is a myriad of ways that you can share your addiction recovery experience with the world, including thousands of people that you don’t even know. Some choose to become motivational speakers, visiting schools, rehab facilities, and conferences to share their insights and experiences with others. Others choose to write about their experience in article or book form. And with the strides that social media has made in making the world a much smaller place, sharing your experience with the world is now easier than ever. 

Consider starting a blog documenting your journey to recovery and your new life after freeing yourself from addiction, or even contributing to an already existing addiction recovery blog. You could even dedicate a Twitter account to sharing articles and quotes for recovering addicts, or designate a special board on Pinterest for motivational quotes about addiction recovery. The possibilities here are truly endless.

A career in addiction recovery

Finally, if you’ve freed yourself from addiction and are seeking to dedicate your time to helping others do the same, a career in addiction recovery might be perfect for you. You could become a recovery coach, helping addicts set goals for their recovery, or you can even become a counselor or therapist, helping addicts get to the root of their addictions so that they can free themselves from them. Choosing a career in addiction recovery after undergoing the process on your own means that you will have immensely valuable insights to offer those you work with.