Solbriety and The Solida Foundation have joined forces to provide a pathway to wellness. With this partnership, a percentage of proceeds from every Solbriety purchase will be donated to the Solida Foundation. This commitment allows us to support the organization’s mission of providing comprehensive care for individuals affected by addiction and mental health challenges.

The Solida Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals and families affected by addiction and mental health challenges on their road to recovery. Through the power of support, education, and evidence-based treatment programs, they help people build a strong foundation for lifelong success.

Solbriety is proud to be able to contribute to this important work and support the Solida Foundation’s goals of creating a healthier, more supportive community. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by addiction and mental health challenges.

We are excited to have The Solida Foundation as our partner and look forward to continuing to create positive change together!

Who is Solida: Founders & Mission

The Solida Foundation is passionate about providing private scholarship funding to those in need of addiction recovery treatment but unable to afford it. Their aim is not only to reduce the financial burden but also the risk of relapse by making long-term treatments accessible for all patients on their journey toward healing and sobriety.

Alema Harrington and H.R. Brown, both founders of Solbriety and Solida, are fully licensed advanced substance use disorder counselors with years of experience in the field. Born out of their own healing path, they have made it their mission to spread the message of The Solida Foundation and assist those struggling with substance abuse. Together they created Solbriety, in order to help individuals suffering from addiction attain full recovery through clinical practice as well as individual advice. With this project, they aspire to influence people around the world who are dealing with addiction issues!

Why Supplements?

During the addiction recovery process, vitamins and minerals present in supplements can aid your body to restore its vigor. Supplementing with cleanses and brain repair can be incredibly beneficial for anyone wishing to support their recovery journey.

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At Solida Foundation, the majority of donations are utilized to provide scholarships for individuals on their road to sobriety. Your support directly assists those in need by relieving them of potentially overwhelming expenses such as sober living rent or specialized therapy sessions. Together, let’s make a difference – one individual at a time!

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